Quotes From Her Peers

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"Asked to name competitors against whom he did not mind battling inches apart at 200 miles per hour, Sneva said, 'Foyt and Janet Guthrie. They know their equipment and they know how to drive."
-Tom Sneva, 
Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch, Dec.5, 1980


"There is no question about her ability to race with us. More power to her. She has 'made it' in what I think is the most competitive racing circuit in the world."
-Cale Yarborough
Rochester (NY) Times-Union, Dec. 2, 1977

Indianapolis 500, 1979

"She done a helluva job. The woman drove 500 miles with a broken wrist. I don't know if I could have done it."
- Gordon Johncock
(on the 1978 Indianapolis 500)   Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, May 13, 1979

"Look what she did at Atlanta. She got right up there and ran with (David) Pearson. I think now instead of making smart cracks about her they're looking at her as a race driver."
- Buddy Baker
Anniston (AL) Star, April 28, 1977

"I think she has done a hell of a job. She's got a good head on her shoulders. I've seen many guys who had much more trouble with Indy than she has had, from the standpoint of belonging on the course. Anyone who says she doesn't belong, just feels threatened."
- Mario Andretti
Washington Star, May 29, 1977

"One of the best races of the afternoon was between Bobby Allison and Janet Guthrie. They swapped positions back and forth and ran side by side trying to outbrave each other in action that had the veterans shaking their heads. It was some fine show."
- Stock Car Racing Magazine, March 1978
(on the NASCAR Winston Cup race at Ontario CA, Nov. 20, 1977)

"I probably ran more laps next to her than anybody else. She'll give you just enough room but no more...she has proved to me that she can run up front. And as daring as she is, I'd never think she was a woman."
- Ricky Rudd
Rochester (NY) Times-Union, Dec. 2, 1977

"I think the drivers respect her now."
- David Pearson
Anniston (AL) Star, Aug. 5, 1977

"She's done a good job. I gotta admit that I had my doubts about her. But she's proven her point...she can be up there in the top 10. There are a lotta guys who can't say that."
- Bobby Unser
Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, May 13, 1979

"Janet's a serious racer with some good race-car stuff. She can get the job done. I respect her as a racer."
- Neil Bonnett
Anniston (AL) Star, Aug. 5, 1977

"She's good."
- Buddy Baker
Orlando (FL) Sentinel Star, Feb. 12, 1980

"With conditions deteriorating for her, after hitting the wall and the ensuing mechanical problems she experienced, it was astonishing for her to come back and go as fast as she did."
- Mario Andretti
Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 28, 1977

"If she had a better ride, she'd probably win one of these [Winston Cup] events."
- Richard Petty,
Jacksonville (FL) Journal, Feb. 17, 1978